What is a CRM?


July 13, 2020

Are you wondering what is a CRM? I am glad you are asking because it is your biz BFF and I can’t wait for you both to meet!

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is used to describe the automation tool that manages how a company interacts with current and potential customers. It is the secret tool that allows you to not be IN your business everyday and still successfully manage current and potential clients! Why should you implement a CRM in your business? Having one allows for you to elevate your customer experience, produce more efficient business processes, and allow you the freedom you allows dreamed of when you started your business.

Elevated Customer Experience

Imagine knowing that every client you interact with gets the best version of yourself, no matter what you life ACTUALLY looks like! How much stress would you remove from your life knowing that this would be guaranteed?!

I know as a business owner I stressed over making sure that everyone has the same experience. Reviews and referrals are the majority of my business so I want to make sure that EVERY client gets the best version of me. Prior to adding and using my CRM I struggled with this aspect. Some days, I am just not feeling it, I am swamped, or I am not in the office.

When you implement a CRM into you business you sit down and craft that perfect experience so that you show up for your client when you WANT to rather than when you CAN! You then add that process to the CRM and hit go! The CRM will alert you as to where you are in that process with each of your clients and will prompt you with the information necessary to take that next step. Sprinkle in a few automation here and there and you can do this effortlessly!

Business Process Efficiency

In our businesses we have several tasks that we repeat over and over and over again. Some of those tasks are unique and fun (mostly those relating to the mission of your business). Others are a time suck and for most of us they come with constant dread and are easily pushed to later.

Those repeatable tasks can be strung together to create a repeatable process and those processes can be automated in your CRM so that they can either run without your input or with minimal effort on your part each time.

This allows your business processes to run smoothly and allow you time to spend ON your business or doing the parts that you love rather than the tasks that you dread most.

Provides Freedom in Your Business

Dreaming of a vacation? I know I am! One of the major benefits to having a CRM is that every processes is outlined EXACTLY how you would like to have it done. This makes bringing on a team that much easier since the steps are right there they only need to implement them.

Some features when automated can also run without your input. This is most helpful when looking to get new clients on your calendar! Imagine spending a week on the beach and coming home to find that your handy CRM managed to book 5 new leads for you and they are set to speak with you next week! A while you were sipping pina coladas and enjoying the sunset with your honey!

Having a CRM is the true ticket to freedom from the constant day to day grind. You will find that you are able to meet those business goals with the extra time you have in your day! Which will lead to even more growth in your business!

How do I get one?

You will never regret implementing a Customer Relationship Management software into your business. It is a daunting task to set up but I promise you once it is in place you will find so much for freedom in your day.

My goal in life is to help female business owners get out of the overwhelm so they can get back to THRIVING! Schedule a free consultation and let’s chat about your next steps in how you can implement a CRM that best fits your business needs today! I can’t wait for you to enjoy the freedom you set out to have when you started your business!

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