5 Reasons to Implement a CRM in your Service Based Business


November 23, 2020

Adding a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to the backend of a service based business can be time consuming but it comes with a major pay off. Here are 5 reasons why you should implement yours today!

It Will Streamline your Client Journey

Your client journey is the steps each of  your clients takes when engaging with your brand. The journey starts with the inquiry process and ends with your closing process. Adding a CRM allows you to streamline your client journey and ensure every client receives the same experience.

When you draft your client journey, you ensure everything is exactly how you want your client’s journeys to flow. You can add flare to your content where you want it, you can educate them where it is needed, and your brand voice is apparent and true to you. This allows you to have everything done and perfected without being rushed.

By sitting down and documenting your entire process at one time, you can catch any ways in which you might be inconveniencing your client or areas of inefficiency in your system that might be overlooked. You can backward plan to ensure that you collect information from your client before it is needed. It elevates your client journey and makes it feel polished and smooth.

It Will Allow You to Increase Your Client Capacity

Your Client Capacity is the number of clients that you can take on at one time. Adding a CRM to your business keeps track of client’s status allowing you to increase the number of clients on your roster without the fear of one of them falling through the cracks.

Gone are the days of managing everything in your head, or in a notebook, or a bunch of post-it notes. That’s right… I see you! 

It’s all being managed and tracked within your CRM. The system will tell you where each of your clients are in your client journey and it will alert you to the next steps needed to continue to move them along.

Imagine how much more revenue you can bring in when you are not having to manage every little detail on your own!

It Will Create More Time in your Day

As business owners we could always use more time in our work days, right? No, I have not figured out the secret to time travel nor have I finally cracked the code on how to clone myself. Close though! By adding a CRM you become more efficient in your day which in turn gives you more time in your day.

Having the system alert you to the next steps necessary in moving your clients forward allows you to take the guesswork out of your day.

Imagine sitting down and moving your clients forward with only a few clicks of your mouse…a few words added there and…  Voila! Your client work is complete for the day. What used to take you hours can now be done in a matter of minutes. 

When you are not spending your precious hours each day completing every step in your repeatable business processes or taking time to figure out where each of your client’s are in your client journey, you can focus your efforts on accomplishing those items that are going to drive your business forward. So you are more attentive to your clients, you look more polished and you are moving the needle forward on those areas that are going to drive your business forward! What’s not to love? 

It Will Help You to Increase your Prices

One of the things that I talk about most is your client’s journey and how it needs to mirror the price that you ask your clients to pay. If you are charging the big bucks, you need to bring a stellar client journey. Having this mix matched will leave you with dissatisfied customers who will not recommend you but rather the complete opposite.

By adding a CRM to your business and taking the time to craft an amazing client journey through workflows and automation then you can guarantee that your clients will leave as loyal customers raving about their experience. It allows the backend of your business to come through on the promises you made on the frontend.

It Will Allow you to Finally Step Away

When we started our businesses we imagined the endless freedom. But like most of us we ended up working more hours as an entrepreneur than we did in our corporate jobs. Am I right?

The dream vacations that we could finally afford slowly slipped away from reality. The days spent with family usually includes a laptop rather than your undivided attention. Wearing every hat in a small business does not afford you the time off like we once dreamed.

By adding a CRM though, you can make that dream a reality once again! Take that unplugged weekend, enjoy a long holiday! Finally take that week long vacation you have promised yourself for years!

Allow the CRM to handle those time sensitive elements such as leads and utilize the workflows to help you get ahead.

Ready to add a CRM to your business today? Don’t get bogged down with all of the steps, allow me to guide you through step by step! Let’s get started with a FREE discovery call today!

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