How Automating Repeatable Tasks Will Save You Time


November 13, 2020

Our businesses run on repeatable daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and/or annual tasks. They can be tasks associated with growing our business such as social media posting, email marketing, or developing blogs/vlogs/podcasts. They can be tasks associated with being the CEO of our businesses such as financial reporting, drafting strategies, and identifying innovative ideas to continue to grow your business. 

We also have operational tasks associated with our clients that we repeat client after client. Anything from sending contracts, collecting information, getting paid, and communicating with your client are tasks that can consume our day as we begin to increase our client roster. 

By adding technology to the backend of our business you can streamline your operational tasks and create more time in your day to focus on the tasks that will drive your business growth. Gone are the days spending the majority of your day, if not all of it, manually performing every task associated with the operations of your business. 

Save Time Identifying Client Status 

Prior to automating my operational tasks with technology, I spent so much of my day combing through emails, reviewing to-do lists, and racking my brain to remember what was the last step I took with the client and what I needed to do next. This only got harder as I took on more and more clients. 

Once I added technology though, I was able to log into the system and quickly see what steps I have taken in my repeatable process and what tasks I needed to do next. What used to take me hours could now be done in a matter of minutes. My work day became more efficient as I began to provide a consistent experience for each of my clients while giving myself more time in the day to work on the areas that would grow my business. 

Save Time Communicating with Clients

When it comes to sending emails to our clients we easily find ourselves sending the same emails over and over. Maybe not on the same day or week but at each stage when interacting with our clients. 

Before I added technology to the backend of my business, I would spend so much time redrafting the same email over and over. As a rule of thumb, if you do it ore than once, create a template. 

After implementing technology to the backend of my business I was able to create templates for each email I send my clients and through workflows schedule those emails to pop into my to-do list when applicable to my operational process. Talk about a major time saver! Not only did I only have to write the email once, but the system took the guesswork out of it for me and sometimes, if it made sense I was able to schedule the email to go out without my needing to review it! This worked best for when someone inquired to work with me and I was able to quickly respond with more information about my services and ask for them to schedule a discovery call! All done without me having to lift a finger!!! Major time saver!!!  

Save Time Collecting Information from Clients

Collecting information from your clients is critical to the operational aspect of your business. From collecting information required to pre-fill a contract, to collecting necessary information to onboard your client and get moving on the services, to collecting feedback at the end of your journey with the client. 

Prior to adding technology to the backend of my business I would find that sometimes I would sit down to complete a task and realize that I didn’t have all the necessary information to complete the task at hand. Resulting in my needing to ask the client for the information and delaying my time to complete the task at hand. 

When I sat down to automate my operational tasks in my business I first had to document each step in the process. In doing that I was able to backwards plan and identify each piece of information needed to complete the next step. I was then able to take it one step further and create questionnaires or forms to collect the information as part of the process. This ensured that I always had the information at hand in order to complete the task saving me time and creating a better client experience. 

Automation Saves Time

Automating my operational tasks using technology on the backend of my business felt like I had cloned myself. I was more efficient with my time each day and found that I was able to power through my client tasks leaving more time in my day to spend growing my business. It also allowed me to offer a streamlined curated client experience that left me with loyal clients and amazing reviews! 

I want the same for you! Gone are the days of working 24/7. Create work/life balance while growing your business through the addition of technology!  

Schedule your free discovery call today and let’s get your business automated!! 

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