3 Mistakes to Avoid When Automating Your Repeatable Business Processes


November 20, 2020

Automating your repeatable business processes saves you time, creates consistency in your client experiences, and makes your business run for you rather than against you. 

Through the years I have come across a few key mistakes as I automated my own repeatable business processes as well as working with my clients. Today I would like to share with you the top three common mistakes when automating repeatable business processes.

Mistake #1 Not Adding Your Personality 

One of the most common concerns people have when they are considering automating their repeatable business processes is that they will come across as a robot or as someone other than themselves. I have seen this too many times to count which is why it is the first mistake I would like to address. 

While automating your business processes you can lose your voice or brand personality if you do not take the time to add it or select a system that does not allow you to personalize communications with clients. 

Prior to selecting your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system make sure that you can personalize each communication. When drafting your emails or any other opportunity to communicate with your clients, be sure to add your voice and brand personality!

When writing emails to add them to your CRM, write them like you normally would. If you normally end your emails with cheers or another friendly expression, add it!  If you have spunky introductions and sprinkle flare throughout your emails, do it!! Don’t lose who you are when you add systems!! 

Mistake #2 Automate Means Automatic 

Sometimes when people hear automated they immediately assume automatic, which is not true.  When you apply systems to your business you are still in control of when communications go out and when things will happen. The only time something will happen automatically is if you allow it to be. 

Whenever you are drafting workflows, you get the option for that action or item to go by itself without your input and direction or you can request that you are alerted when it is time for this action. 

By choosing to be notified prior you maintain the control for adding information specific to that client making it even more personal. The idea is that it takes a few moments to add those touches rather than starting over from scratch! 

When you automate your repeatable business processes you maintain complete control and the system will only engage with your clients when you tell it to do so.

I recommend having some emails that don’t need to be personalized and are time-sensitive go out automatically. 

  • Emails that provide information to the client such as frequently asked questions. These emails are educational and do not need to be personalized. By setting these to go out automatically you can stay ahead of the questions and continue to showcase to the client your expertise.I like to consider these emails to be like commercials! 
  • Another great email that could go out automatically is one that is a request for appointments. If you have regular meetings with your clients weekly or monthly that are recurring it would benefit you to have meeting requests go out automatically. By automating these meeting requests you can ensure that your client meetings happen when they are supposed to! 

Mistake #3 Having Only One Workflow 

A lot of people make this mistake unintentionally. The business offers one service but has multiple packages. For example a photographer who offers multiple packages ranging in prices. Each package is the same service: photography but at different price points. 

Rather than making one workflow for each of the packages, they make one with a “choose your own adventure” type of emails. 

This is fine if you are going to remove all of the unnecessary information prior to sending. The mistake comes when you ask the client to select which one applies to them. You don’t want your client to feel like they have to go digging through all of that information to find what is relevant to them. That takes away from the valued experience with you. Take the time to organize each workflow separately that breaks down each package experience for them. 

By applying systems to the backend of your business you can automate your repeatable business process allowing you to provide the same level of experience for your clients regardless of how busy your day gets. 

One of the ways that I help my clients is by reviewing their workflows for inconveniences or inefficiencies. I’d love to sit down and help you make the best version of your business processes as you take this step in your automation journey. Schedule your free discovery call today and let’s get you automated!! 

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