I’m obsessed with helping women grow & Scale!

In a world where you can be anything... be kind!

I hope it is okay that I call you a friend! Maybe we are just meeting for the first time or we have known each other for years, regardless I consider you a friend! 

I have a heart for female small business owners, and I strive to help them get out of the overwhelm and back to THRIVING by applying systems and tools to make their day to to day run smoother, create consistency in their client's journey, establish a sustainable business structure and grow and scale their businesses with ease. 

As a wife, mama of two crazy boys, and the owner of two businesses. I know how fleeting an hour can be and I know firsthand what it is like to run a business without a team or systems in place. It leaves you exhausted, on the brink of burnout, feelings of hopeless, and ready to throw in the towel.

I’m a taco-loving, Netflix-bingeing, amazon shopaholic

I'm AShleigh.

Hey friend!

Not to mention the damage to your client's experience!

As a business automation consultant and systems expert, I want to help you build rock-solid systems and structures around your business so you can reclaim your time, elevate your client experience, generate consistent income and develop simple yet powerful habits. 

Focus your time on the tasks that only you can do and those that propel your business forward. 

Increase your client roster without the added stress. 

Remove yourself as the bottleneck of your business and have the confidence to step away when needed?

Are you ready to build rock-solid systems and structures around your business so you can...

Curate a fabulous, streamlined, repeatable, client experience that will generate raving client referrals.

Have the confidence to increase your prices because you know that you have curated an experience worth 10X what you plan to charge. 

Confidently take your business to the next level.  

I'm Ready!

I was moving clients through my processes with a click of my mouse. What used to take hours, I could now do in a matter of minutes. My client capacity started to grow!

Because I was no longer manually keeping track of EVERY single movement within my client processes, I could scale my business. In year two, I increased my client roster from 5 clients to 34! I hired a team, was able to quickly train them on my procedures, and track their progress with our clients whenever I wanted!

Automating my business was the best thing I ever did for my sanity and my revenue.

I realized this knack I had for identifying flawed systems and automating business processes could be used to transform businesses and their owners’ lives! So, I put them to work. In 2019, I started Ashleigh Foy for Creatives. And the rest is history!

After that everything changed...

In 2009, I automated my first business process. I had just joined a team supporting the federal government and quickly learned they were using call trees to manually notify their employees even though a system existed that would allow them to contact their entire office with the push of a button. What used to take us days could now be done in a matter of seconds. Talk about a win!

I spent the next eleven years interviewing clients to better understand their business processes and offered business automation solutions. I loved my job, but after becoming a mom, I needed to create my own schedule. I wanted the freedom to be successful without sacrificing motherhood. In 2019, I walked away from my 9-5 to start my own wedding planning business and never looked back!

Though I had automated my business before opening, I made some mistakes early on, making my system more cumbersome than helpful. As a result, I quickly found myself experiencing burnout. I was losing hope that I would make it as an entrepreneur and was desperate for a solution.

I knew immediately that I needed to re-evaluate my wedding planning processes and procedures to determine what caused the disarray. So, in the offseason, I dove in deep. I audited, automated, and revolutionized those practices and processes.

Got some time? Here’s my story.

I want to help you do the same for your business.

hop on a call!

When it comes to get help with automating your business you want to find someone who you can relate to as the process can be very tiresome and draining! I hope to make the process more fun and upbeat so that you can find the joy that I do when it comes to adding tech to a business!

Are we a match?