it's time to Thrive!

let me tell ya how i did it.

One of the questions I get asked the most when people begin to understand just how much I can help them is, "How do you know how to do this and how did you get to this point?"

It all started in 2017, when my mother purchased a small business and discovered the entire business was in the previous owner's head, nothing was documented. She was overwhelmed trying to gather all of the information while trying to run it at the same time. Honestly, who wouldn't in that situation? After a few weeks, I offered to come and help out. You see, I had spent the last 10 years interviewing people to determine what it was that they did and documenting their processes from cradle to grave. I wanted to help my mom be successful in her position and I was equipped to do so.

In the Summer of 2018, I began the necessary steps to open my first business but didn't plan to open until that Fall. I wanted to make sure that I could be successful managing a 9-5, two babies and a side hustle. Documentation and Automation were the key and I spent those months doing just that. By the time I opened, I had a fully automated business that would allow me to be successful with only a few hours each week to devote to my passion!

A few months later, I met two wonderful female entrepreneurs at a networking event. One evening they shared with me the dreams they each had for their businesses. I could see the excitement on their faces! I knew both of these women had it in them to achieve every dream and then some! 

Hey there!

I'm ashleigh.

my story...


What I thought was standard business practices was actually a gap in the industry and I had just spent the last 11 years gathering the skills necessary to help fill it! Ashleigh Foy for Creatives was born that night and with it my first two clients. They branded me with 

I spent the majority of the next year building the business and determining how best I could serve female entrepreneurs so that they can get out of the overwhelm and back to THRIVING! 

Not it's Your Turn!

The the mood changed in the room as we began to talk about how growth in the business was scary. What was working the first few years of their businesses just wasn't cutting it now that they are 3-5 years in. More clients left them overwhelmed and anxious that they might miss something. They were looking for more efficient ways to tackle the repeatable processes within their business and to get out of their massively growing inbox. 

We work in a demanding industry and are trusted with one of the most important days of someone's lives. We have to bring our "A game" to every client and with each day that was getting more and more difficult due to not having a solid automated business. Each of them knew they needed to hire a team to get to the level that they saw themselves, but their entire business was in their head. 


My Timeline


Began my career in Contingency Planning for the Federal Government


The Mister and I got hitched and traveled to our first Caribbean vacation for our honeymoon!


Travel to multiple clients sites in order to document entire organizations' business functions.


Became a mama! The Little Mister was born that February!


Led a team in documenting an entire government agency's business functions. 


Our family was completed with the birth of the Littlest Mister!  


Opened the doors to my Wedding Planning Business - Sweetly Southern Events with a fully automated business. 


Helping women document and automate their businesses in order to get out of the overwhelm and back to THRIVING! 

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