regain Your Time, Increase Your Client Roster, and elevate your client exeperience! 

let me tell ya how i did it.

When I think of business owners I am reminded of the analogy of the duck.

The fact that while we appear to be doing well, like a duck gliding across a pond, in reality the air of normality usually masks a hell of a lot of hard work behind the scenes or like the duck, paddling like fury to stay afloat.

Today I am speaking to the woman you are when no one is around. The smiles removed, the stress eating away inside you. I will find you at your desk at two in the morning. The woman who is desperately afraid that one of her clients is going to fall through the cracks because the system she had in place just isn't working anymore. 


I'm Ashleigh

Before you jump in that water ready to appear like you are gliding...


Let's Chat! 

I was moving clients through my processes with a click of my mouse. What used to take me hours I could do in a matter of minutes. I noticed that my client capacity grew! Because I was no longer having to manually keep track of EVERY single movement within my client processes, I was able to scale my business. I grew my wedding planning business in year two from 5 clients to over 34. I was able to hire a team and not only easily train them on my procedures but I was able to easily track their movements with our clients within a matter of minutes whenever I wanted! Automating my business processes was the best thing I ever did for my own sanity and my business revenue. 

Shortly after starting my wedding planning business I learned that the skills I had learned and the natural gifts that I had sharped over my time supporting the Federal Government was needed in the small business world. Seeing organization in the midst of chaos is a natural gift of mine and my ability to interview people and quickly articulate their business processes has allowed me to help other small business owners develop their systems such as Honeybook and Dusbado and now I want to help you!

After that moment... Everything Changed...

 In 2009, I automated my first business process. I had just joined a team and learned that they were using call trees to manually notify their employees when a system existed that would allow them to contact their entire office with the push of a button. What used to take them days, now could be done in a matter of seconds. To say they were overjoyed would be an understatement!

I would spend the next 11 years interviewing clients to better understand their business processes, sometimes offering solutions with business automation. I loved my job but after becoming a mom I desired the ability to create my own schedule. I wanted the freedom to be the woman I was made to be but also be the mama that I desperately desired to be. In 2019, I walked away from my 9-5 and have never looked back!  

Though I had automated my wedding planning business prior to opening, I made some mistakes which made my system more cumbersome than helpful so I was forced to abandon it until the next offseason. In those months, my days were not my own, I was overwhelmed with the all of the moving pieces that were required to run the backend of the business. I quickly found myself burnt out, losing hope that I would make it as an entrepreneur, and desperate for a solution. 

In the offseason I re-evaluated my wedding planning processes and procedures and determined what caused the overwhelm. 

My Story

My Timeline


Automated my first business process  - Alert Notification System


The Mister and I got hitched!


Travel to multiple clients sites in order to document entire organizations' business functions


Became a mama! The Little Mister was born that February!


Led a team in documenting an entire government agency's business functions. 


Our family was completed with the birth of the Littlest Mister! 


Automated by Wedding Planning Business - Sweetly Southern Events


Left the corporate world to help women regain time, increase revenue, and create fabulous client experiences!