1:1 Dubsado Setup completed by Ashleigh on your behalf. 

Dubsado | Done For You

This is for you...

If you purchased Dubsado and have no idea where to start and/or are overwhelmed with the idea of setting it up. 

If you know that a professional can set it up faster and/or you don't not have time to do it yourself. 

If you want to be able to book clients without having to processes every step!  

If you want to ensure that every client has the same fabulous experience when working with you. 

If you want to increase your client roster but don't want someone or something to slip through the cracks. 


If you answered             to any one of these then you want to jump on my client roster! 

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What to expect

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By the end of the time with Ashleigh, each of your services will be added to Dubsado as automated workflow(s). You will be able to take on more clients than prior to working with Ashleigh and have the confidence that each of them will receive a fabulous client experience while requiring less of your time!

Process Mapped Out

Ashleigh Setups Dubsado + Clickup

Custom Training Videos

Once you have provided all the necessary items, Ashleigh will develop the pieces required to implement your workflow in Dubsado within 14 days. This includes development of the lead capture form, package(s), proposal, payment schedules, form(s), scheduler(s), emails and the workflow.  Ashleigh will also develop a custom client dashboard and client project plan templates within Click Up. 

Ashleigh will create custom videos for your workflow for future reference and available for questions. 

To better understand the business offering that you are looking to automate, Ashleigh will sit down with you and map out how you move from  lead to booked and then from booked through your client journey to closing. She will provide feedback on how to streamline the process and elevate your client's experience, if applicable. 

Gather Items

Following the mapping of your process, Ashleigh will provide you a checklist of items necessary for setting up Dubsado from login and branding information, to contract(s), what you would like on your questionnaires, and example emails. 

Test and Review 

Ashleigh will test the workflow and correct any issues that may arise. At this time there is another meeting to walk through the workflow, provide feedback, and ask clarifying questions. 

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Allow Ashleigh to take the stress out of setting up your Dubsado! Her phased approached to implementing your repeatable business process into an automated workflow will leave you with more time in your day, the opportunity to confidently take on more clients knowing that you can now manage more with less, and the reassurance that each client is going to have a fabulous journey as they interact with your brand.

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