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January 17, 2023


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I'm Elle —copywriter & marketing strategist

I often get asked the question, which one is better HoneyBook or Dubsado?

When it comes to Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRMs) there are two that rise to the top: Dubsado and HoneyBook. While they both are great systems, when it comes to automating Done-For-You Service providers, Dubsado is my go-to system!

Before I dive into why Dubsado is the best CRM for Done-For-You Service providers, let’s talk about what the crap is a CRM and why every business owner needs one. 

A CRM is an all-in-one system that allows you to handle interactions with your clients by gathering information, scheduling meetings, collecting payments, signing contracts, and sending information. The true beauty behind this system however is the ability to apply workflows that allow you to streamline your business processes so that they help you to foster a fabulous client experience. 

Why do I think that Dubsado is the perfect system for Done-For-You Service providers? Here are six reasons just off the top of my head! 

Dubsado Offers Branding and Custom URL 

When it comes to representing yourself to your client you want to make sure that at every touch point, you are allowing the client to interact with a branded experience. From the tab on the page that pulls up to every moment they engage with your brand, Dubsado allows you to fully customize the system to represent your unique brand! No other CRM allows for this much customization and removal of their branding to replace your own! 

Client Portal

A confused client is not a happy client. Rather than sending a million and one emails to your client. You can ensure they are well-informed with the use of a client portal! This is a place where your client can log in and access every questionnaire sent, every invoice, every email, and their contract.

Both Dubsado and HoneyBook offer a client portal but Dubsado’s client portal takes the cake when it comes to easy access and navigation.

Dubsado offers one portal per client no matter how many projects they have. Should the client have more than one project there is a drop-down that allows them to filter the content based on the desired project. It is a one-stop shop for the client and very easy to navigate.

HoneyBook offers a new client portal each time a new project is created or another section of the same project is created. It is not possible for your client to access their information in one spot when they have multiple projects and depending on how you choose to break up the backend of the system you may be making it troublesome for the client to access their information.

Dubsado has a feature that is not available to HoneyBook. Within the client portal, you can also provide a task board. I personally love to add this as a roadmap for each phase of your project. Your client can log in and see what has been completed, what is left for them to complete, and what you are working on! It is a genius area that empowers your client with information and helps to minimize confusion!

Dubsado Has the Option for Public Proposals

This is a game-changer! When implemented the right way a public proposal will allow you to easily have clients sign up for events such as group coaching, masterclasses, paid webinars, or live events! No longer do you need to utilize tools such as Eventbrite you can create a sales page with the option to collect payment right on your very own website with 100% control of the branding! 

Dubsado Has the Option to Have Meetings Paid for Prior to Attending 

Do you offer paid consultations, strategy calls, or services that you would like to collect payment for prior to meeting with the client? Dubsado has you covered! With the option of implementing the invoicing feature as part of the scheduler, you can require payment prior to the client booking on your calendar.

Yes, other schedulers such as Calendly and Acuity have this feature but the benefit of having it within Dubsado is that the scheduling of an appointment can kick off a predesigned workflow allowing you to continue to manage every interaction from start to finish.

Robust workflows

Workflows are the very nature that allows your business to be automated. Now, automation does not mean automatic it simply means that you took time in advance to document your process and then translate that process into a workflow.

The computer can alert you to where each client is in that process at any given time. If you desire you can give the system permission to complete a task. Sending a reminder email or sending an email that is not custom is a great option to offboard automation. Those emails do not need to involve you. Leave the emails that need your attention as “approval needed”. to maintain control.

So every CRM is going to have workflows, that is what makes the CRM whole.

But Dubsado to date has the most robust options for triggers and actions that can be taken. This means that you can create more effective workflows within the system! 

Dubsado also allows for more than one workflow to run at that the same time in the same project. In HoneyBook you will need to create a project within the project to apply another workflow.

Sub Agreements

While every CRM is going to offer you the option to have your client sign a contract. Not all of them offer you the option to have more than one document signed on file. Dubsado allows you to create as many sub-agreements as necessary within the same project. Sub agreements are perfect for those additional items that you need to be signed for your projects. Examples include scope agreements, releases, design proofs, etc. 

HoneyBook only allows one signed document to be within the project. In order to have another signed agreement you will need to create a project within the project.

Ease of Setup

Dubsado is a more robust system with more capabilities than HoneyBook.

However, with that comes initial overwhelm! HoneyBook offers a more tailored solution and a user-friendly setup. This is designed to push you down one specific way to set up your system.

With Dubsado you can set it up the way you need to in order to meet your business needs.  

If you find Dubsado to be overwhelming I am happy to help you. I offer a range of setup solutions designed to help get you into Dubsado quickly and effectively!

Schedule your free discovery call today and let’s get you Automating!!  

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Put a little bio about yourself and your business here for your blog readers to see! This is a great, quick way for them to get to know who they're reading from.You can click to your about page next.

I'm Elle —copywriter & marketing strategist

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I’ve been automating and implementing technology for over a decade but found my true passion when I began helping women-led businesses avoid burnout and create systems to grow an scale their businesses.


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