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Learn to streamline your inquiry process and manage new leads with ease.

Ready to Say Goodbye to Inqury Overwhelm?

Dubsado Lead to Booked Workshop


Booking new clients can be crazy time-consuming.

What if you could do it faster and more efficiently?

Effortlessly manage new leads. No more lost leads, time wasted going through your inbox, or trouble tracking their statuses.

Shorten and simplify your client acquisition process from first contact to booked!

Speed up your response time. Never lose a potential client to late responses again.

Easily send contracts and collect payments. End the endless love/hate relationship with invoices and finally get paid on time!

Learn my proven method for booking new clients faster and more efficiently. 

 The Lead to Booked Dubsado Training and Workflow Building Workshop


In Just 6 Weeks you will:

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  • NO LONGER FEELING OVERWHELMED WHILE MANAGING YOUR LEADS. With the help of Lead to Booked, you can shorten and simplify your intake process, leaving you more fulfilled in the work you do.

  • Spending your time focusing on tasks that matter. Gain the freedom to get out of your inbox and back into the work you love most.

  • Showing up as the confident and unstoppable business owner you are!

 Imagine yourself…

Set up your fundamentals. You’ll learn how to set up your email, calendar, branding, and the payment processor to ensure success from the start.

Load Dubsado with your Signature Offerings (packages and al a cart items.) You’ll learn how to determine what you should offer (packages vs. al a carte, pricing/taxes/discounts, etc.) and the very hacks I use with my own clients.

Determine your ideal client lead process and how to execute it. Learn to diagram your process (example diagrams provided), and learn best practices.

Intro to Dubsado + Initial Setup

Module 1

Look professional from the very start.

Learn how emails are used within Dubsado.

Why templates are best, what email templates to include in your Lead to Booked Process. And how to draft them.

How to add Canned (templated) emails to Dubsado.

Write Your Emails

Module 2

Streamline your correspondence.

Dubsado Scheduler basics and how to schedule like a pro. Learn what the Dubsado scheduler does, how it works, and how to use it efficiently to ensure control of your schedule without the added stress.

Payment Plans Take the guesswork out of payment plans for yourself and potential clients. You’ll learn to implement payment plans, add them to invoices, and all the best practices for doing so.

module 3

Dubsado Scheduler and Payments

Gain control of your day and your pay.

Discover how to add your forms/schedulers to your website and connect your call to action links to Dubsado.

The basics of forms in Dubsado. What forms are, what each category of forms means, and where to apply each one.

Learn to use forms to easily qualify new leads. You’ll know whether a client is right for you before you even send an email.

Module 4

Dubsado forms

Learn the ins and outs of these powerful Dubsado tools.

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Here's what you will learn from a Dubsado Pro:

Need additional support outside of office hours? Get unlimited access and support within the Voxer app for six weeks.

Lifetime access to the video trainings with continual updates as new features are added to Dubsado. Plus, an additional ‘How to USE Dubsado’ training video.

Designed to help you work through your thoughts and goals and implement every step within the workshop.

Ask all of your burning questions and get the help you need from a Dubsado Pro during the duration of the workshop on our weekly Office Hour Zoom Calls.

Join our private Facebook Group, find resources, and connect with like-minded people.

You'll Also Get...

Exclusive Access

Live Q&A

Guided Workbook

1:1 Voxer Access

Comprehensive Training Videos

Bonus Module: Pull it all together

Learn how to book discovery calls with prospective clients right from your website, implement an application process, and how to use Dubsado for non-website leads.

valued at $297! Get it today!

Stop Manually Driving Your Business! This introductory course on Dubsado Workflows will help you take your setup to the next level by removing some if not all of the manual steps you take in your inquiry process. Included in this bonus is a step-by-step workflow builder so you can get up and running quickly and easily! 

The first 10 participants ONLY will get access to the Workflow 101 Module!

BONUS! Workflows 101

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Constantly repeating monotonous inquiry tasks

Overwhelmed with new leads

Admin work is eating away all your time

Are struggling with understanding how many clients you can actually take on right now. 

Are consumed with client work and unable to find time to work on anything else such as new products/services, marketing, business goals. 

This is for you if

Will I be able to ask questions? 

Yes, there is a community where myself and my team will be available  to answer questions about the material as well as weekly office hours. Participant will be given an opportunity to sit in the "hot seat" and have my eyes on their Dubsado Setup. 

When will the workshop run?

Great question! The workshop will begin March 6th and run for 6 weeks. We will meet weekly on Tuesdays for office hours. 

how long do I have access to the workshop?

You will have a lifetime access to the workshop material but only access to me during the 6 weeks we are working through the material. 

When you select any "join now buttons you will be taken to my cart so that you can purchase your ticket to the workshop!

Due to the nature of this workshop I aim to keep it small and intimate so that everyone has a chance to get their setups reviewed by me. Because of this I am limiting the number of tickets.

The doors are only open until March 3rd. On Friday March 3rd the doors will close until the next time I offer this workshop. I do this so that I can pour time into each of you as you complete the workshop! 

Common Qs & As:

I still have a few questions...

how long are the doors open to join?

Is there a limit on how many people can get tickets?

What happens after I hit the buy button?

"Ashleigh is AMAZING! I thought I knew a lot about Dubsado before but wow...I was so wrong! I am always blown away by the things Ashleigh can think up. She has this uncanny ability to take a problem and find the simplest way to the solution. 

— Alison M. | Professional Organizer

"I had no idea how much time-savings (and stress-relief!) I would have after she helped me set up Dubsado. From the process mapping, the focused one-on-one VIP Day, to the incredibly fast response times when I was testing the system on my own - Ashleigh guided and helped me every step of the way."

— Betsy S. |. Brand Messaging

"this process has been super valuable not only because of what ashleigh did for me, but because it made me put my butt in the chair and THINK/ DECIDE about so much stuff I'd just been putting off. The amount of things falling into place is truly extraordinary! It all feels so much more clear to me now and that's exciting."

With over a decade of experience automating and implementing technology for businesses, I’ve learned a thing or two about business processes- especially the Lead to Booked process.

In my Lead to Booked Workshop, you’ll learn from all of my many mistakes (and successes) over the years- so you don’t have to use the trial and error method.

Let's remove the guess work and constant frustration that comes with DIY Dubsado setups and allow me, a business automation consultant and systems expert walk you through the exact steps that I have taken to help 30+ women get up and running in Dubsado! 

Allowing you to reap the rewards of having built a rock solid system and structure around your business so you quickly reclaim their time, elevate your client experience, and have the confidence to increase your prices!

ashleigh foy- a Dubsado Certified Specalist

Meet Your Guide

I am ready to reclaim my time, streamline my inquiry process, and elevate my client experience!

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** Due to the unique digital nature of this product, purchases are non-refundable.