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Workflow Automation

Every business has tasks that repeat. Those repeatable tasks when strung together become business workflows. Those workflows can be automated so that you can quickly determine where a client is in the workflow, ensure all necessary information is delivered when applicable, and even add in a little education pieces and flare! 

Get out of your inbox and back into growing your business! 

AutomatE Your Inquiry Process

Tired of losing leads in your inbox? Do you desire for the ability to see all of your leads in one spot and quickly provide much needed information to keep the lead engaged? 

Don't lose another lead to your inbox black hole!

        Automate your Inquiry Process Today!


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Automate YOur Business to Sustain Growth

Dreaming of the day when you are not stuck at your desk scrolling through your inbox trying to determine where each client or potential client is in your business processes? Tired of never being able to find that email to use as a template? 

There is hope! Join me for 5 Live Online Workshops as I walk you through how to Automate your Inquiry, Booking, On-boarding, CEO Management, and Client Close out Workflows! 

What use to take you hours, will not take you minutes! 


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Automate Your Booking Process

Do you struggle with getting contracts signed  because you are still using PDFs? Do find it difficult to get paid on time due to having to rely on checks or other forms of payment that require you to reach out to the client for reminder? 

What if I told you that in minutes you could provide an electronic contract for your clients to sign with one click, it would include a payment plan that clients could sign up for auto-draft and it allows for the client to pay your retainer with only a few clicks?   

Get clients booked faster and easier by automating your Booking Process! 


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