Gain the support, guidance, and knowledge you need to integrate technology into your business 

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs to Confidently Embrace Technology and Propel Their Businesses Forward

The Tech Hive

As a tech expert, I understand the struggles you face as a business owner trying to make sense of ever-changing technology. That's why I created The Tech Hive, a community where you can leave behind the overwhelm and gain the confidence to tackle any tech challenge that comes your way.

By joining The Tech Hive, you'll no longer waste time spinning your wheels, trying to figure out technology on your own. You'll have a dedicated tech expert in your corner, empowering you to overcome tech-related hurdles and propel your business forward.

Don't let technology hold you back any longer. Step into The Tech Hive and unlock the door to tech success today!

It's time to put an end to the frustration and step into a world of clarity, support, and expertise.

Do You Find Yourself Spending Countless Hours Searching For Answers To Your Tech-Related Questions, Only To End Up More Confused Than Ever?

What if you could say goodbye to the frustration of trying to make Google understand your tech-related questions, and instead, have a real conversation with a knowledgeable expert who truly gets to the root of your question?

Have your business systems thoroughly reviewed and audited by Ashleigh, the tech expert. Through this comprehensive audit, you'll receive personalized feedback, recommendations, and strategies to further optimize and enhance your technology infrastructure. 

1:1 Business Audit by Ashleigh

Whether you have questions, need personalized advice, or want assistance with specific technology challenges, Ashleigh will be there to provide solutions and help you confidently navigate the digital realm.

Exclusive Access to Ashleigh, Your Tech Expert

Each month, join Ashleigh in an engaging and supportive environment where you can ask her questions and receive live support. Unlock solutions, share insights, and expand your tech knowledge. Join the hive and let your curiosity thrive!

The Tech Hive Q&A Forum

The Tech Hive


Simplify your tech implementation effortlessly with our curated digital resources. Each month, receive a package filled with user-friendly tools, step-by-step guides, and expert tips to streamline your technology integration. 

Monthly Digital Download

Each month, join Live Coaching Sessions as Ashleigh does a dive deep into that month's digital download.  Providing real-time support, answering your questions, and sharing invaluable insights. Accelerate your tech proficiency with Ashleigh by your side, making your digital journey a breeze.

Live Monthly Coaching

How much does The Tech Hive cost?

well, this sounds amazing.

This is an introductory rate and will not last long. As a thank you for joining me during this initial kick off you will be locked in at this rate as long as you are part of the group, even after the price increases. 

Join Today


- Founders Rate -

This is not for you if...

but will this work for me?

You're ready to harness the power of technology to propel your business forward

You're tired of feeling overwhelmed and stuck when it comes to implementing technology

You're seeking expert guidance to navigate the digital landscape

You're looking to stay updated with the latest trends, tools, and strategies 

You're eager to learn and implement technology solutions effectively to set a solid foundation for your business growth

You're ready to eliminate wasted time and frustration spent on DIY research 

This is for you if...

but will this work for me?

You're resistant to incorporating technology into your business

You prefer to outsource all tech-related tasks 

You're not open to attending masterclasses, and actively seeking knowledge and insights to enhance your tech skills.

You're looking for a quick fix or overnight solutions,

You're not willing to dedicate time and effort to learn and implement the strategies taught

You're not ready to embrace the challenges and opportunities that technology presents with the aid of an expert

Ashleigh is not just an expert in business automation and systems; she's also a fellow entrepreneur who has walked the same path you're on. As a wife, mother of two, and owner of two businesses, she understands the daily struggles and time constraints you face.

With over a decade of experience in automating processes and implementing technology, Ashleigh has a deep understanding of how to leverage systems and tools to create sustainable and efficient businesses. She has successfully helped numerous female small business owners overcome overwhelm, establish solid structures, and scale their operations.

What sets Ashleigh apart is her personal journey of building and automating her own wedding planning business and then automating Ashleigh Foy for Creatives. She experienced the challenges, made mistakes, and learned invaluable lessons that shaped her into the tech-savvy and automation enthusiast she is today.

Her transformation from exhaustion and burnout to streamlined operations and business growth is a testament to her expertise. She has lived and breathed the process of auditing, automating, and revolutionizing her own businesses, resulting in increased client capacity, revenue growth, and the ability to hire and train a team.

Ashleigh's passion for identifying flawed systems and simplifying processes is what fuels her drive to help transform businesses and change the lives of their owners. She knows firsthand the positive impact that automating your business can have on your sanity, revenue, and overall success.

So when you join The Tech Hive, you can be confident that you're working with someone who not only has the technical expertise but also the real-life experience and empathy to guide you through the challenges of embracing technology and implementing systems. With Ashleigh's tools, knowledge, and unwavering support, you'll have everything you need to navigate the digital landscape and achieve lasting success in your business.

Meet Your Coach, Asheigh!

let's get started

With regular live sessions and expert-led masterclasses, you'll gain insights into the latest trends, tools, and strategies. Say goodbye to the overwhelm of trying to keep up with technology on your own and stay ahead of the curve with the support of The Tech Hive.

Keeping Up with Evolving Technology

From email marketing to automation tools, you'll receive step-by-step guidance, tips, and best practices to confidently leverage technology for business success.

Building Confidence in Tech Implementation

Say goodbye to endless hours spent searching Google for answers to your tech-related questions. With The Tech Hive, you'll have direct access to a tech expert who can provide immediate solutions and save you valuable time that can be better spent growing your business.

Eliminating Time Wasted on DIY Research

From choosing the right tools to implementing effective strategies, you'll receive expert guidance and support to streamline your tech journey.

Overcoming Tech Overwhelm

When you join The Tech Hive you will be able to...

ok, let's recap!

Common Qs and As:

I have a question...

Don't worry! All the live Q&As and Coaching Calls will be recorded, and you'll have access to the recordings within the group's platform. You can watch them at your convenience and refer back to them whenever you need a refresher or missed a live session. The Tech Hive is designed to be flexible and accommodating to your schedule.

What if I can't attend the live Q&A or Coaching Calls?

Not at all! The Tech Hive is designed for entrepreneurs at all levels of technical expertise. Whether you're a beginner or have some experience with technology, the group is here to support and guide you. Ashleigh will provide clear explanations, step-by-step guidance, and a supportive environment to help you confidently navigate and implement technology solutions.

Do I need to have a certain level of technical knowledge to join The Tech Hive?

Once you join The Tech Hive, you'll have ongoing access to the group and its resources for as long as you remain a member. This includes access to the Q&A and coaching call recordings, discussions, and the opportunity to continue learning and growing alongside like-minded entrepreneurs.

How long do I have access to The Tech Hive?

Absolutely! One of the key benefits of The Tech Hive is the access you'll have to Ashleigh, the tech expert. You can ask questions, seek advice, and get personalized assistance whenever you need it. Ashleigh will be actively engaged in the group, providing support and expert guidance to help you overcome your technology challenges. 

Can I ask questions and get personalized help from Ashleigh?

The Business Audit is a one-time yearly opportunity where Ashleigh conducts a 1:1 comprehensive assessment of your business systems, processes, and technology infrastructure. She will evaluate your current setup, identify areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations to optimize your business operations. The Business Audit is designed to ensure that you're leveraging the best tools, practices to streamline your workflow and drive growth, and can be used as a roadmap for your DIY technology implementation. 

What is the Business Audit mentioned in the program benefits?

Yes, absolutely! The Tech Hive operates on a month-to-month membership basis, and you have the flexibility to cancel your membership at any time. While we hope you'll find immense value in the group and choose to stay, we understand that circumstances may change. There are no long-term commitments, and you have full control over your membership status.

Can I cancel my membership in The Tech Hive at any time?

With this program, you can.

Confidently use technology in your business, saving time and getting more done.

Have a tech expert always ready to help you with your tech problems.

Learn about the latest technology trends, tools, and strategies to make better decisions for your business.

Make your business run automatically, so you have more time for important things.

Feel less confused and more confident about using technology to make your business better.

Imagine if you could...

i'm all in.

It’s decision time. You can keep feeling overwhelmed and stuck when it comes to navigating the world of technology for your business. Or, you can confidently embrace technology, streamline your operations, and achieve more with less.

Join The Tech Hive today and empower yourself with expert guidance, a supportive community, and the tools you need to transform your business and unlock its full potential.

Are you ready to say yes to to reclaiming control and enjoying the benefits of technology in your business?

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