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With so much on our plate on any given day it is no wonder that the majority of us feel this way.  I created this challenge to teach others the steps I took to get control of my overwhelm. 

GAIn control of your day challenge

Ever feel like no matter what you do you can never get ahead? 

It's time we learn how to oganize our overwhelm so that we can gain control of our day rather than our day running us!

By the end of the day we are exhausted from doing #allthethings yet we have nothing to show for it other than a million unfinished tasks. Then as we lay down to sleep  the million uncompleted tasks haunt our nights reminding us over and over again of everything that we forgot that day.

We play this scenario out different ways each week. Each time ending the day with a list of all the things we forgot to finish that needed to be done.  If it is critical we end up pulling an all-nighter which leaves us even more drained the next day. 

It's called the Mental Drain. As women we have a mental list constantly going for the household that we manage and the tasks and dreams that we have for our businesses. 

We have so much on our plate that without structure we are not able to properly manage our overwhelming responsibilities so we spend each day reacting to what comes our way, putting out little fires here in and there rather than being strategic about our time and preventing the fires.

Without Structure to our days Our OVerwhelm takes over and we bounce from one thing to another accomplishing Nothing. 

It's not for lack of trying... you are killing yourself at work and home but no matter what you do you just can't seem to get ahead and are stuck in a constant state of overwhelm or complete avoidance! 

Sick of feeling like you are always behind?

I put my time management expertise into ONE course, so you can get ahead of your calendar each day and enjoy your biz and life again!

Finally have a SCHEDULE THAT WORKS and be able to stick to it.

FEEL CONFIDENT that what you are choosing to spend your time on is going to help with your overwhelm not add to it. 

UNDERSTAND HOW MUCH TIME you really have each day, week, and month so that you can plan life and work accordingly. 

Learn my proven 5-Step process to get ahead of the day and finally tackle that massive ever growing to-do list!

There's a solution: Gain Control of Your Day Challenge

I need this challenge!

Feel confident that you can face the day no matter what life decides to through at you!

Learn the steps necessary to aid in avoiding burnout - the number on killer of small businesses

Identify your own personal routines to help you kick the day off right, get in the zone when needed, and help with turning off your brain when you are ready to sleep.

Establish boundaries at the start and end of your day so that you are ready and able to pour into your business and clients. 

Daily Routines

Day 1

identify those pesky tasks that always catch you off guard or pile up and make you feel like you are always behind!

Take advantage of this time to brain dump everything that you have on your plate, the things you need to do, and the things that you would love to do. 

Tap into the list provided by experts on what you need to do in your biz to feel in control each day!

Routine Tasks

day 2

Learn the tried and true insider's secret on how to capitalize on your time each day. 

Apply this technique to your own life and biz so that you can start immediately seeing more efficient use of your time.  

Gain insight into how I batch my days from both a personal and biz aspect. 

day 3

Batch Tasking

Establish your own personal game plan for getting ahead so that you finally feel like you have control again!

Learn first hand my own game plan on how I tackle both biz and life tasks Annually, Quarterly, Monthly, Weekly, and Daily. 

Finally have a game plan so that you are ahead of those pesky tasks rather than behind. If you are not planning for tomorrow by the time it gets here you will already be behind. 

day 4

Plan it Out

Setup Your Calendar

Day 5

What good is a list of tasks with a game plan if you do not set aside time to accomplish them? 

Learn first hand how to setup your calendar for success at whatever level you currently are comfortable - Paper, Google, or a Task Management system like Click Up. 

Gain access to my own Click Up Template and how I setup my year, quarters, months, and weeks for success. 

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Here's exactly what you'll learn during the challenge:

I want in!

Learn my proven framework for getting back more time in your day. 

Your time is precious, a resource that once gone you can never get it back! You can't afford to waist another minute in overwhelm.  

You deserve to feel like you are successful at home and biz.  By not being in control of your day you are will never get out of the constant worry that you are failing at both. 

You cannot continue to pour from an empty cup. You are going to burnout if you are not there already. 

You deserve to not live a life full of constant worry or stress. You were designed to have abundant peace -- what comes with self-control and discipline. 

Why you can no longer afford to stay stuck

Ok, how much is my investment? 

You are struggling with everything that is asked of you each day not sure where to start. 

You feel like you are constantly playing "catch up".

A small/large hiccup in your day derails your entire week.

Are struggling with understanding how many clients you can actually take on right now. 

Are consumed with client work and unable to find time to work on anything else such as new products/services, marketing, business goals. 

This is for you if


I am ready to take the first step to gaining control of my day and take back the reins!

Ok, I'm in!

If I close my eyes, I can still feel the pressure as every single task associated with running my household, raising two small boys, building two small businesses, and trying to juggle my own self-care fell onto my shoulders and my shoulders alone. 

Those who know me think I am a superwoman... but aren't we all deep down? 

My husband travels frequently and for long periods of time. In the Summer of 2019, he went away for a year. Suddenly... I was responsible for every dish, every meal, every bedtime, every bath, every piece of laundry, every grocery run... everything! And that was ONLY my household duties. I was also building two small businesses. 

I had so much on my plate I didn't know where to start... it took more time than I care to admit. But I eventually picked myself up by my proverbial bootstraps and figured out a game plan. 

The steps laid out in this challenge are the exact steps that got me running full steam again and have been my driving secret ever since! 

Through this challenge, I share them with you so you too can tap into your superwoman power and finally tackle #allthethings!

ashleigh foy- a master of efficent time managment

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